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3DOWN provides timely status information, including scheduled and unscheduled outages, about major communications and computing services available to the MIT community. This information is available on the Web at "3DOWN" Services Status Page.

The 3DOWN Web page is designed to be the primary way to inform community members of upcoming planned outages, such as preventative maintenance service to the SAP R/3 production environment, telephone upgrades, and e-mail post office box adjustments.

3DOWN is also the place to look for details about unplanned outages. To learn whether your problem is local or general, check "3DOWN" Services Status Page before you call for help. Server problems are announced here, as well as, network problems, such as outages that affect entire MIT buildings and critical links.

Each 3DOWN section is maintained by the primary service providers. To view "who" may update the various sections, you may display the appropriate list at Athena List Management.

General Services: 3down-acl-general
Network: 3down-acl-network
E-mail: 3down-acl-email
Telephone Services: 3down-acl-telephone
Academic Services: 3down-acl-academic
Library Services: 3down-acl-library
Administrative Services: 3down-acl-adminservers

To requests updates to any of the above lists, please send e-mail to:

More information is available in the 3DOWN Guide

3DOWN is an evolving service. We anticipate that this service will continue to grow over time and we invite your feedback and suggestions. Send e-mail to: